How to Dress for the Body You Have Now so You Look and Feel Amazing (Without Dieting) … 

…Dressing for YOUR exact body type is the quickest way to:

•  Look and feel stunning
•  Feel über-confident about your body
•  Fall in love with the shape of YOU

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You know that feeling when you’re sweating and cursing in the changing room because you can’t pull the jeans over your thighs?

You feel like a sausage trying to squeeze into this small- sized fabric. And the muffin top spillage doesn’t help?

So you opt for a bigger size even though there’s gaping and you don’t love them, but they’re “good enough” and you dash for the cash register, swearing you won’t shop again until you lose weight.

The truth is:
Those jeans weren’t made for you.

They were made for a 12-year-old.

You, my darling, were made for hanging around the movie set wearing sexy dresses, skirts and trousers that elongate your sensually gorgeous body.

Not sure exactly how to dress for your head-turning shape?

Don’t worry, I got you!


In this Body Shape Class you will learn:

• Which tops, fit, fabric, silhouette, color to opt for to look slim and professional.
• Exactly which pants to wear so your legs look super sexy and your booty stops traffic. (Please stay inside during rush hour.)
• How to figure out your body shape so you dress for it and not against it.
• And a check list of things to consider when purging your closet.

Now take a look at this before and after…

Can you see the confidence difference in her posture?

Come and discover how to pick clothes for your body shape and put together confidence outfits that WOW!

Meet Ada

Ada Deferrari is an international designer and personal stylist for modern women who want to rise through style.

Her work has been featured in movies, television shows and places like Vogue, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, and Inc. She’s styled celebrities and thousands of ambitious women with her designs and through her online Style Academy.

Her signature approach is to empower women to master their style and build a wardrobe they love that reflects their personality, beauty and confidence.

If you’re not feeling confident in your clothes, it’s probably because you’re wearing somebody else’s clothes. Let me show you what YOUR clothes look like.

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You'll learn how to apply the right style tips to your outfits right away, and immediately feel more polished,  confident, and beautiful so you can get it together and keep it together in these crazy times. 


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