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You're a Belt Away from Your Perfect Outfit

Join our free online session to discover how to correctly style with belts and to reveal the gorgeous body shape you didn't know you had.

•  Look and feel stunning in any outfit
•  Feel über-confident about your body
•  Fall in love with the shape of YOU


In this free class 'How to Wear Belts to Reveal Your Perfect Shape' you'll discover:

  • The secrets behind dressing for your shape and using accessories to make you feel stylish, chic and confident.
  • The perfect belt for your body shape and how to wear it – skinny, midi, classic or wide width.
  • Ideas on how to put together outfits that fit, flatter and WOW.   
  • PLUS... we'll answer your biggest style frustrations LIVE.

Take a look at these before and after's…

Wouldn't you love to know how to dress strategically and wear accessories that elevate your body type?

Come and discover how to pick clothes for your body shape and put together confidence outfits that WOW!

Meet Ada

Ada Deferrari is an international designer and personal stylist for modern women across the globe.  

Her work has been featured in movies, television shows and places like Vogue, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, and Inc. She’s styled celebrities and thousands of ambitious women with her designs and through her online Style Academy.

Her signature approach is to empower women to master their style and build a wardrobe they love that reflects their personality, beauty and confidence.

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We have special bonus for all participants of the live class

You'll learn how to apply the right style tips to your outfits right away, and immediately feel more polished,  confident, and beautiful so you can get it together and keep it together in these crazy times. 


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