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Your ultimate guide to choosing clothes that make everyone TURN HEADS or​

DOUBLE TAKES … wondering what you did different to look so fabulous. 


Want to create that β€‹

“She got it going on” moment?​

From just your outfits?​

Yeah you do.  Dress Your Shape shows you how.

Instead of:

  • Copying outfits  that don’t look flattering or fit with your personality.. 
  •  Buying the same clothes up a few sizes because you’ve gained weight , or down a because you lost weight and getting frustrated when it doesn’t look good (hint: It’s not about your size but your shape),  
  • Standing in front of your closet  way too long trying to figure out what to wear  (but you’re not excited about anything anymore)… 
  • Buying online but it’s never that great when you get it (wondering, “do designers not make clothes for real people anymore?”)  

  • Putting off the taking time on yourself  because,—who, by the way, will see you!... 

Why not learn to dress in outfits that: 

Give you a boost of energy 

Whip up confidence  

Overcome frumpiness


Get you and everyone who sees you in a great mood because you look like a beautiful, elegant Queen that blesses people with her presence while her subjects listen eagerly what her highness will say and request next. 

You’ll hook people with your interesting ensemble so much, you’ll have them wondering what you’ve done differently, and why you’re radiating with energy and charisma, even without saying a word. 

 You'll get confidence! 

That's what you'll learn in the Dress Your Shape program. 

CAUTION: Even if you’re at home doing nothing more than watching Netflix, you might get so inspired, you spontaneously get energy and creative juices to complete your goals PLUS more! 

In fact...This style course might be 
the "what should I do to keep myself motivated and feeling good” solution 
you were praying for.β€― 

What it is, in a nutshell: 

Mostly videos, that show you exactly how to dress for your body shape, personality and lifestyle—here to save you from your ‘getting dressed’ headaches, guide you through how to shop your own closet, and give you a simple map from the first step of putting together an outfit to a closet overhaul to that final irresistible “wow, you look fantastic” capsule collection... 

To "holy wow, look at my creative juices flowing and the confidence I have now, THIS WORKS!" 

Dress Your Shape guides you on:  

- What colors, shapes and patterns work for your body and your unique personality.  

- How to create beautiful and interesting outfits from what you already have in your closet;  

- How to use earrings, necklaces, scarves, belts and all those other accessories you’ve been collecting but couldn’t figure out how to wear into practical, wearable, suitable for your lifestyle today outfits.  

(SPOILER: Have I mentioned that a ‘confidence outfit’ has a ripple effect and everyone around you will notice how much happier you are!?) 




The Dress Your Shape Course (A gorgeously viewable, devour-in-one-sitting series of mini-videos) 

X00 pages of examples, detailed breakdowns (PDF format, read it on your screen or print it, bind it, laminate it, hang it in your closet, carry in your purse,  keep it on your desk for always and give it to your grandchildren. (Who will be in on your secret of why you always looked so good!) 


Theβ€― Dress Your Shape Framework: 

A boiled-down, "here's what to wear if you’re this shape and here’s what to pay attention to if you have these body nuances.

This godsend is already proven to massively cut back on the clothes you shouldn’t be wearing and only wear clothes that make you feel like a queen.   And so doable, yes, even for your body type. 

The Dress Your Shape Checklists & Graphics 

Your at-a-glance godsend. Laminate it, frame it, hang it up it up in your closet – you’ll have outfit ideas, ways to restyle what you already have and those “can’t for get details” you took notes on but might not remember.  I have you covered with these checklists and visual graphics.

But, Ada. You’re so skinny. You don’t understand.

Oooh. I know exactly where you’re at:

After kid 2 having gained 50 lbs I was wearing oversized tops thinking I was a cool boho chic when in fact I looked frumpy, tired and depressed.   I remember being really upset seeing a photo of myself after having “dressed up” and literally the next day I tossed everything out of my closet that didn’t fit and make me feel good.  I made a vow that as I’d go through my weight loss journey, I would wear the coolest, tummy flattering dresses that camouflaged everything I wanted to hide and emphasized everything I wanted to flaunt. I loved that dress to pieces and wore it to every photoshoot. I wasn't model-skinny (still not)...but


That dress and new outfits gave me a huge boost in confidence and I immediately felt pretty and professional.

Floating around in beautiful, bright skirts and dresses made me feel sexy and confident from the start and gave me the spark and energy I needed to start working out, stick to eating healthy and start an online business.

Whether you want to be a gorgeous size extra small or a stunning size extra-large, I want you to celebrate your own beauty and use the power of fashion to look and feel fabulous – today.

Don’t wait for a second longer.

Life is too short.


"I predict, Dress Your Shape will give me the exact creative juices, motivation and community I need to get my booty back into shape (not only  

figuratively speaking).  

What Dress Your Shape Students are saying about the program


Course Schedule

Module 1 - Discovering Your Body Shape

You will learn exactly what your body shape is and why this is so important. 

Module 2 - Clothes That Flatter Your Unique Shape

When we wear clothes that fit and flatter, we tend to look slimmer, healthier, younger and more beautiful.

Module 3 - Styling Tricks

We will cover all the small hacks and tricks that you can do to your outfit that will really elevate and uplevel your style.

Module 4 - Closet Detox

We will get rid of all "high fat" clothes that don't flatter.

Module 5 - Play Dress Up + Shopping Strategy

Whether you are somebody that doesn't find pleasure in shopping or you are somebody that does love shopping will have the right strategies to shop smart.


How the Dress Your Shape Course will work?

22 videos + over 25 file resources

You will have access to 22 videos divided in modules to help you understand and know your body shape to create outfits you love and feel confident about it. You will also have over 25 files to dive in and become a better version of yourself.

When you will have access

After your subscription is confirmed you will receive an email from us with the information to login into our platform where you will have access to the entire course.

100% online

Everything is online. No travel required - learn at your own place.


Besides all the incredible material that alone already will transform the you way you dress, you also have access to some incredible bonuses that keep being updated in the platform.

Enroll Now and Get These Additional Bonuses


Okay, so I know that many ladies get an anxiety attack even thinking about cleaning out their closets. So I’ve put together a separate video training and have super proven steps of what you need to do for a full closet cleanse. And I’m not talking about getting rid of everything you own. There’s a proven formula and technique. And it works. But the best part… I’ll walk you through every single step and hold your hand through it as if I were next to you. So you can finally get it done and…oh my goodness, the feeling you have after a full closet cleanse …is like a soul therapy session cleanse and you’ll walk away with 10x the energy.

( Value $997) Included 


You'll get templates, cheat sheets, shopping guides and quick style tips …that are worth the course price alone. Basically, everything you need to be a super stylish YOU summarized into style cliff notes.

( Value $597 ) Included 

Unlike any other course, resource, or magical fairy godmother out there, this is the real deal that will transform your wardrobe and YOU to look and feel your best, every day.   

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Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good - Here’s How.




  • 5  Modules ( Symmetry & Illusion, Styling Tricks for Instant Perfection, Outfit Ideas For Your Shape, Before and After Makeovers, How to Shop Your Closet)
  • Worksheets, Guides, Body Nuance mini videos corresponding to each Module
  • Invitation to one Q&A call to ask all your outstanding questions
  • Concierge access to stylist via email/text for homework review + accountability




  • 5  Modules ( Symmetry & Illusion, Styling Tricks for Instant Perfection, Outfit Ideas For Your Shape, Before and After Makeovers, How to Shop Your Closet)
  • Worksheets, Guides, Body Nuance mini videos corresponding to each Module
  • nvitation to one Q&A call to ask all your outstanding questions
  • Concierge access to stylist via email/text for homework review + accountability






  •  Discovering personal style that is translated into clothes
  • Body Shape consultation and arranging outfits that balance body
  • Outfit assembly include shoes, accessories, handbags and belts.
  • Color assessment and choosing color hues and color combination that works with natural skin tone
    while working for balancing body.
  • Closet detox
  • Closet capsule organization
  • Access to full 30-day style transformation course
  • personal virtual sessions with stylist
  • Invitation to one-month free of Style Club (weekly live style presentations )
  • Concierge access (text/email when needed)

Here's what You'll Really Get in Dress Your Shape


Keep and buy the right clothes for your style, body, and goals


Get feedback and style advice directly from you stylist girlfriend. 


Be supported by kind like-minded women.


Gain skills to create endless creative outfits

All these transformations were made in less than 30 days…


The tall woman that missed the styling memo… transformed so she stands tall with pride.

successful lady discovered she couldn’t buy style and with an easy-to-follow journey she gained it on her own – and confidence and a wardrobe she loves as bonuses.

Entrepreneur and content creator dreaded being on videos until she had the formula to put outfits together in seconds.

woman is on her weight loss journey and is frustrated with her “before” clothing that no longer fit. A transitional wardrobe and an arsenal of know-how to dress her new figure gives her an extra boost of confidence and inspiration to stick with her goals.

An elegant gal goes from feeling like a straight champagne glass in her special occasion dresses to making a sparkling entrance when she walks into a room.

university professor’s wardrobe is monotonous and dull and with a few easy updates she finds herself with a new vibrant energy that motivates and inspires anyone that crosses her path.

Fitness Author and speaker is traveling from book signings to new stages spreading her message and packing was dreadful until she discovered her personal branded style.

The outfit that went from hidden curves to needing a seat belt with all those curves she was confident to flaunt in a very classy way.

real estate agent goes from frantic to fabulous with this one closet organizing trick.

petite lady that complained of clothes not fitting her short waist and curvy body… now looks long, lean and confident.

busy mom’s style and closet feels dull. A closet overhaul and a few shopping tips has her feeling (and looking) modern and stylish

An Engineer and mom to a creative feels frustrated she missed the “fashion” gene until she learns an easy-to-apply formula that has her putting together exceptionally cute outfits in minutes.

Everything is Online. No Travel Required - Learn at Your Own Place.

This Program is based online so you can participate from home or work.

You have lifetime access to the training, so you can go through the material each week as it's released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

You're Protect With Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If you do the work and honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please write us within 15 days of your purchase for a full refund. We require your full, completed coursework and detailed explanation of what didn't work so we can continue to improve. The reason we ask for your completed coursework is because we know that if you take action on the exercises - you'll get tremendous value and make massive progress towards your goals.

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